1. Asphodel definition is - any of various Old World herbs (especially genera Asphodelus and Asphodeline) of the lily family with flowers in usually long erect racemes.
  2. The guitars, I believe, are that aforementioned `something.' Roger is an awesome guitarist, with a fantastic variety of voices in his pedal board and I vote he use it more. Sure, the novelty might wear off if they are used in every song, but I believe "Asphodel" could /5(3).
  3. The thing is Asphodel is more about sights and sound being brought out repetition of certain words, certain Honestly though it feels like doing that is a useless exercise. There is /5.
  4. Asphodel That Greeny Flower — an asphodel, a lily, a lily of the field, a lily that in Greek mythology is an immortal flower growing in Elysium. William Carlos Williams, a renowned poet, a long practicing town doctor familiar with labor and delivery and at being bedside at death, crippled with age, his face half paralyzed by stroke, with Reviews: 3.
  5. The Fields of Asphodel (also known as the Asphodel Meadows) is a section in the Underworld where indifferent or ordinary souls who lived a life of neither good or evil are sent to live after death. The majority of all souls go here once they are judged. It is said that after his death, Daedalus was assigned to create roads and overpasses in the Fields of Asphodel, to ease down the traffic. It Location: Underworld.
  6. Welcome. Welcome to the First Kingdom Church of Asphodel! We are an eclectic Neo-Pagan church whose folk hail mostly from Massachusetts. We are a congregational-style church rather than an initiatory mystery tradition, and we hold open rituals on all eight traditional high holidays, as well as a special weekend in August that is our anniversary.
  7. Asphodel definition, any of various southern European plants of the genera Asphodelus and Asphodeline, of the lily family, having white, pink, or yellow flowers in elongated clusters. See more.
  8. asphodel (n.) late 14c., from Latin asphodelus, from Greek asphodelos, also sphodelos, spodelos, "asphodel, king's spear, plant of the lily kind," which is of unknown origin; "A substrate word, as is shown by the variants" [Beekes].Compare sectotifontathea.nuahispostperpillpahganiformilldownther.infoinfo was the peculiar plant of the dead; and in Greek mythology and English poetic use it overspreads the Elysian meadows.
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